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Ефим Ильич Евель
  Birth info
Birth date: 1915 January 1
Birth place: украина николаевская

My Father Yevel Yefim Ilich (Yevel Khaim Gilevich) was born in Novo-Poltavka village, Nikolaev’s region (Ukraine, former USSR) in 1915. He was the 5-th child in the family (Leonid, Sofia, Volodya, Naum). In 1917 mother had cancer and died and in 1918 during Russian Civil war bandits (rebels) kill father (Gilel). The oldest kids: Leonid (at that time 14 y.o. and Sofia (12 y.o.) took charge and care of the youngest.

In 1938 my father graduated from Jewish Industrial college in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) and went to Nikolaev’s (Ukraine) Shipbuilding University. After that was a WWII, evacuation, endless and stretched work for “Marty” shipbuilding plant. In 1944 after deliberation of Kiev, father was sent to participate in restoration “Lenin’s Kuznitca” plant. He lived in Kiev and worked for this plant up to the rest of his life. He got married in 1948 (wife Maya). In 1949 they’ve got a son (Gennady – at the present time lives in US, tel.# 1-302-798-9009), later grandkids: Marina – 1977 and Phil- 1984)

My father died Apr. 26, 1978. Buried in Kiev (Ukr.)
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